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Clark County Fire District 5, in partnership with Vancouver Fire Department, strives to provide and serve the community with 911 services in EMS and Fire suppression. We make every effort to educate and communicate with the public on health and fire safety.


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Our history


Clark County Fire Protection District #5 was created on June 18, 1954, and operated one fire station, located at the corner of Fourth Plain Road and NE 109th Avenue. There were approximately 10 volunteer firemen at the time, and the first fire chief was Joe Kurth Sr.

During the 1950s and 1960s the District added personnel and fire equipment to their operations. In 1959 a new fire engine was purchased for the total price of $15,204. In 2018 a new fire engine costs in excess of $500,000.

In the early 1990s, based on new Washington State land use laws, the City of Vancouver began aggressive annexation measures, many of which impacted the Fire District 5 boundaries and the District’s ability to continue to operate financially. Based on this, the District and the City of Vancouver entered into a contractual agreement in 1994, which is still in place today. This agreement stipulates that, while the District still exists as a legal taxing entity, it will contract with the City of Vancouver Fire Department for all fire and emergency medical needs which arise within the Fire District 5 boundaries. This resulted in the stations, personnel, and other equipment ultimately being transferred to the City of Vancouver.

Today, Fire District 5 has a population in excess of 80,000 residents, and provides all emergency services to their citizens through that contract. In 2001, the Fire District created the Northwest Regional Training Center, located at 11606 NE 66th Street Unit 103. The Training Center teaches, among other things, American Heart Association courses, providing training to a wide variety of medical providers throughout the area. In addition, the Training Center teaches Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) courses throughout the year. The Training Center also provides occupational safety and health training to the public works departments within Clark County. The Training Center operates as a stand-alone business, and is funded through charges for courses that are offered.